Ab Initio Training

This course teaches the participants to prepare for Ab Initio technology. 

This training will help you to master in various aspects of the ETL and data-ware house techniques including Hadoop technology


  • Basic knowledge of ETL concepts
  • Cloud Computing knowledge not needed.
  • Understanding of Windows Server and Linux services.
  • Understanding of on-premises and virtualization infrastructure.
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Ab Initio Training

INR 15000/-

Trainer Profile

  • 3+ Years of teaching  experience.
  • Highly qualified in the field of IT
  • Certified Professional


(+91) - 7248 95 3390



What you will learn

  • Introduction to Ab Initio
    • Introduction
    • Architectural View of Ab Initio & Salient Features
    • Explore Functionality of Ab Initio Graph
    • Component, Port, DML
    • Working Knowledge of .dat & .dml files
    • Ports on all components & Details
  • Ab Initio Types Partition Functionality
    • Work on Partition by Expression, Range, Community, Percentage & Round Robin
    • Operate to departition
    • Work on Concatenate, Gather, Interleave & Merge 
  • Multi File System Overview
    • Details of Types of parallelism
    • Details of Layouts
    • Sort Operation: Components, within groups
    • Work on Partition by key and sort
  • Working Knowledge of Transform Components
    • Work on Filter by expression
    • Work on Aggregate
    • Work on Scan
    • Work on Rollup
    • Work on De-normalize Sorted
    • Work on Normalize
    • Work on Reformat
    • Work on Match sorted
    • Work on Dedup sorted 
  • Database Operations
    • Overview of Database components
    • Work on Run SQL
    • Overview of Input, Output, Truncate Table
    • Operate on Update table
  • Overview of Other Components
    • Overview of Gather Logs
    • Work on Gather logs
    • Work on Run program
    • Work on Redefine format
    • Work on Trash
    • Work on Replicate
  • Overview of Data set Components
    • Overview of Input, Output, Lookup & Intermediate File
    • FTTP “From and To’
    • Compress and  Uncompress
    • Work on Check Order
    • Records Generation Procedure
    • Random bytes Generation Procedure
    • Compare records – check sum
    • Calculate through check sum
  • Working Knowledge of Record & Write Xml
    • Conceptual of performance tuning