Google Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure Training

Google cloud infrastructure is used to host their tools and services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and other Google products which is used by many of us. Through this Google cloud course you will learn the modern approach of cloud implementations.

This training will help you to understand the various aspects of how Google cloud compute, network and storage scales and control the workloads connected regionally and globally.


  • General knowledge of IT architecture/Active Directory/Linux
  • Cloud Computing knowledge not needed.
  • Understanding of Windows Server and Linux services.
  • Understanding of on-premises and virtualization infrastructure.
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Google Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure Training

INR 13000/-

Trainer Profile

  • 2+ Years of teaching  experience.
  • Highly qualified in the field of IT
  • Certified Professional


(+91) - 7248 95 3390

What you will learn

  • Google Cloud Platform Introduction
  • Google Cloud Platform Overview
  • Cloud Architect Certification Overview
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Cloud SDK, Repositories, Plugins
  • Google Compute Service: Compute, App, Container & Functions
  • Google Compute Engine: Machine Types, Linux and Machine
  • Load Balancer. Auto Scaling & High Availability illustrations
  • GCE – Load Balancing & Auto Scaling Demo
  • Google App Engine – GAE
  • Google Container Engine – GKE
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • GCP: Storage and Database Service Overview
  • Cloud Storage – GCS
  • Google Persistent Disk – PD
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL Demo
  • Google Cloud Spanner: Demo
  • BigTable, Google DataStore
  • Google Networking Products
  • GCP Identity and Security Management (6 Hours)
  • Google Key Management Service – KMS
  • Google Resource Manager – RM
  • Google Cloud Platform BigData Offerings
  • Google BigData Solutions
  • Google Machine Learning Offerings
  • Google AI and Machine Learning Solutions